Zoo Brains is an experimental exhibit that seeks to bring a touch of neuroscience to the visitor experience at Zoo New England. A series of twelve posters communicate relations between animal behaviors and the brain.


Research and Copywriting: Lila Cart of Tufts University

Illustration: Daniela Gamba, Lead Illustrator at Eyewire + Monica Oh and Zach Herman of Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Design and Creative Direction: Amy Sterling, Eyewire

Zoo New England: John Linehan, Jennifer Golden, Jennifer Maltese, Andrea Lewicki

Acknowledgements: Sebastian Seung, Professor of Neuroscientist at Princeton University facilitated this project through his Computational Neuroscience Lab; Nicholas Turner, Thomas Macrina, and Alyssa Wilson of Seung Lab at Princeton provided feedback on the brain poster.

Zoo Brains is produced by Amy Sterling of Seung Lab, Princeton University.